Write to Thrive: W2T

Together with Nana Osei-Kofi, I am the co-founder of Write to Thrive, W2T. The W2T model is intentionally designed as an informal (online and/or in-person) writing collective. Understanding a shared desire to write, its aim is to support participating writers in developing a generative daily writing routine. It acknowledges our collective need to write while refusing neoliberal measures and metrics of accountability that reduce writing to obligations for academic survival. It does not use the extreme language of “publish or perish” nor the militarized language of a writing “boot camp.”  Importantly, the W2T model seeks to cultivate joy in the process. Simply, the idea is to make the writing process enjoyable. Writers are encouraged to make a daily appointment with themselves, to show up for it as they would for any other scheduled appointment, and to support one another in doing so.

W2T writing groups commit to writing at least 30 minutes and ideally no more than 4 hours of writing a day (M-F) for three weeks at a time. Writing is not scheduled on Saturday or Sunday and we encourage a technology-free day! In keeping with the model’s holistic approach to the cultivation of a generative writing routine, this sort of scheduling can be one way of leaving time and energy for other interests, joys, hobbies, relationships, and responsibilities in daily life. We ask writers to keep in mind that writing for more than 5 hours a day can sometimes function as a disincentive to a developed and sustainable routine.

W2T also offers editing services and one-on-one writing coach assistance. This model can be adapted for other artists as well. Please inquire!

Adela is presently working with authors who are writing at the intersections of the academy and activism as well as with writers working in interdisciplinary contexts.

For more information, to organize a writing group, or for editorial assistance through the W2T: write2thrive2019@gmail.com