25 June 2019 QEPD Óscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez y Valeria

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A firsthand report of ‘inhumane conditions’ at a migrant children’s detention facility


I have been inspired by friends, activists, artists, poets, women of color feminists, and queer of color critics.

This project simply would not be without participants. I am grateful to all who responded to my call especially as the ideas for this project were, and to some degree still are, in flux and formation.  Gracias.

I am most grateful to my friend Eithne Luibheid whose scholarship has informed and inspired my own.  Her years of critical engagement with issues of migration and questions of citizenship and her collaboration bring depth and dimension to my efforts to co-produce this project as a critical and creative participatory art intervention.

Jamie A. Lee has read and responded to drafts and design ideas as well as assisted me in the set up for every project photo shoot. I have called on her experience as a social justice filmmaker and as a scholar of media and storytelling.

I am thankful, too, to friends, family, students, and colleagues who have taken the time to offer input and edits to the moving parts of this project. Thanks especially to:

Elizabeth Bentley, Anita Huizar-Hernandez, Vivian May, China Medel, Kaitlin M. Murphy, Nana Osei–Kofi, Ragini Tharoor Srinivasan, Aida Villarreal Licona, Sophia Villarreal Licona, and Ruben Zecena.

I am grateful also to John Melillo, a sound artist and sound studies scholar, who performs under the name Algae & Tentacles. The founder of the Tucson Noise Symposium, John has published or presented work on empathy in sound poetry, listening to waves, folk-song utopianism, post-punk music, and other matters of sound and sense.

Shout out to the folks at the Gloo Factory, a community-minded union print shop in Tucson, for their swift printing in recognition of this kairotic moment.

And gratitude to the UA Institute for LGBT Studies and Director, Jill Koyama, for financial support and for featuring the project on the Institute’s website.

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