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25 June 2019 QEPD Óscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez y Valeria

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A firsthand report of ‘inhumane conditions’ at a migrant children’s detention facility

TENDER R/AGE :: RABIA TIERNA Austin Fundraiser: Grassroots Leadership, Bond Fund


Grassroots Leadership bond fund

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3 May, 7PM, AUSTIN, TX  Co- Sponsors: Grassroots Leadership  Nepantla, USA in East Austin and Latino Studies @ UT. Installation, artist talk, and co-presentation with Alicia Torres & Eithne Luibhéid.



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23 – 25 Aug  ATLANTA, GA  Sponsors: WonderRoot & the Institute for Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies @ Georgia State U

WonderRoot is an arts organization that works to improve the cultural and social landscape of Atlanta through creative initiatives and community partnerships. The anchor of our organization is our Arts Center – a full-service facility that supports artists, offers public programming and brings diverse voices together to envision and activate a stronger Atlanta.

Local Resources ::  Atlanta

Migrants’ Rights Local Resources

TENDER R/AGE :: RABIA TIERNA Atlanta Fundraiser: Los Vecinos de Buford Highway


POP Up :: Photos :: Atlanta :: The Set Up




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POP Up :: Photos :: Atlanta :: The Opening




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Photo credits Susan Talburt & Jon Watts

26-28 Oct  ARROYO SECO, NM  Sponsor: PARSE SECO

Fundraising for “Discusiones Migratorias de Taos, NM” and “Sin Fronteras Nuevo Mexico.
Contact: José Gonzalez, Taos, NM

Artist talk: Art as Intervention in the Regime of Distortion, 2PM, Saturday 27 October

Founded in 2016, parse SECO is an experimental creative space and art residency located in the heart of Arroyo Seco, NM. Parse SECO provides a unique platform for underrepresented artists, musicians, and creators to present immersive experiences for the community in an intimate setting. While striving to provide an inclusive sanctuary for expression, learning, and therapy through art, parse SECO strives to disrupt unjust entitlement of public art space, set trends, question thoughts and viewpoints, and nourish the artistic youth by emphasizing the importance of creative expression seemingly neglected by the standard educational model. While parse SECO is in a constant flux of creative change, the one thing that remains constant is the dedication to perpetuate the importance of art through mentorship.



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Photo credits Jamie A. Lee & Adela C. Licona

Nov       Los Angeles, CA        BORDER ARTS COLLECTIVE

Somos un grupo de artistas que apasionadamente protestamos la frontera y sus prácticas, particularmente las políticas fronterizas e inmigración que estamos viendo en este momento histórico. Como artistas quienes practicamos y vivimos en la región fronteriza, estamos llamando atención a las prácticas violentas y xenófobas en la frontera y más. Creamos arte que es político, disruptivo, y crítico de las ideologías normativas. Somos artistas que tenemos un objetivo principal y es interrumpir la máquina de deportación y vigilancia y abolir ICE y CBP. No queremos ninguna prohibición. No queremos ninguna pared. Sin jaulas. Sin tierra robada, sin ICE. Sin CBP.

We are a group of artists who vehemently oppose the border and its practices, particularly the border and immigration policies we are seeing in this historical moment. As artists who practice and live in the border region, we are calling attention to the violent and xenophobic practices on the border and beyond. We make art that is political and disruptive, and critical of normative ideologies. Our main objective is to disrupt the deportation and surveillance machine and abolish ICE and CBP. No ban. No wall. No cages. No stolen land. No ice. No CBP.

POP-UPs must be planned in coordination with local migrant justice and/or social justice arts organizations. They should also function as fundraising events for local organizations serving migrants and refugees. In addition to an artist talk, POP-Ups should include local voices addressing local initiatives and needs.  To schedule a POP-UP contact Adela.

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