Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 11.21.13 AMthe eyes and ears, organs of touch. the heart, an organ of fire…

my photography captures surface and depth. with camera in hand, i study facets, textures, colors, patterns, & forms at times to document and at times to interrogate the mundane. i approach my object photography as well as my eco-scapes, arte urbano/city-scapes, and body-scapes as “assemblages of stories so far.” through a developed intensity in focus, my photographs mean to invite deeper inspections of the everyday. i am currently working with the concept of radical relational proximities. my work, has been referred to as “contemplative” and “queer” and has been noted for its depth as well as its “delicacy & intimacy.” Through a borderlands epistemology, I continue to explore interstices, propinquities, blurred boundaries, & bent light. as artist, scholar, & public rhetor, i am interested in provoking & participating in new ways of seeing & looking — reorientations, meaningful distortions, & re/visionings that are informed by — and might also inform — radical re/imaginings of being, belonging, and relating to one another, to everyday objects & everyday-scapes, to histories & bodies, to places & practices, and to the earth.

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Broadsides featuring Adela’s photography: New Michigan Press celebrating readings and events

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INtersectional OUTrage: Fury from the Desert – a collaboration with Sarita Gonzales

IMG_9896__Licona_Gonzales_IO_7_intersectional outrage_fury from the desert series

Shedding Skin ~ an ongoing collaboration with Cara Hagan @ PLAYA SUMMER LAKE, OREGON RESIDENCY (2018)



“What happened that night is savagely ordinary, one of countless acts of violence so many women bury, imposing forgetfulness over them like layers of river silt.” Beth Jacob

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Designed to Divide Series (2018)

Damned Lanscapes and Layered Terrain Series (2018)


Decaying Walls & Windows of Alcatraz :: Abolitionist Dreaming Series (2015)


Matters of Scale: The Haunted Ecosystem of the Salton Sea Series (2015-18)

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Eco-Intimacies :: Relational Ecologies (Ongoing)



Everlasting Impermanence (2017)



De Colores (Ongoing)

Architectural Geometries




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