Adela C. Licona, PhD

Adela is co-editor of Feminist Pedagogy: Looking Back to Move Forward (JHUP, 2009), author of Zines In Third Space: Radical Cooperation and Borderlands Rhetoric (SUNY Press, 2012), and co-editor of Precarious Rhetorics (OSUP, August, 2018).

Precarious Rhtetorics is a publication in OSUP’s New Directions in Rhetoric and Materiality Series:

Across disciplines, scholars have employed theories of precarity to help explain the pervasiveness of problems related to labor, migration, biopolitics, global and state governance, economies of war and violence, poverty, environmental degradation, and a host of other pressing issues. Precarous Rhetorics is the first work to bring precarity studies to the field of rhetoric and communication—and to couple it with new materialist frameworks— to unearth and analyze the material conditions and structuring logics of inequality.

This collection features cross-disciplinary contributions from leading scholars, including the editors, to emphasize a materialist-rhetorical approach while also drawing on feminist studies, women of color feminisms, affect studies, critical disability studies, critical race and ethnic studies, medical humanities, sexuality studies, queer migration studies, and human rights and humanitarian studies. While theoretically rich, this volume intentionally features chapters that explore precarious rhetorics as they operate in practice—whether in borderlands, politics, public policy, or the quotidian spaces of human activity.

Adela’s research and teaching interests include space and visual rhetorics, cultural, ethnic, gender, and sexuality studies, race, borderlands studies, social justice media, environmental justice, feminist pedagogy, community literacies, arts-based inquiry, and action-oriented research.

She has served as the co-director of the Crossroads Collaborative, a Ford Foundation-funded think-and-act research, writing, and teaching collective designed for action-oriented research on youth, sexuality, health, rights, and justice. Together with graduate students, she is co-founder of Feminist Action Research in Rhetoric, FARR, a group of progressive feminist scholars committed to public scholarship and community dialogue. She served as the 2015-16 Co-Chair of the National Women’s Studies Association, NWSA, Conference. She is Editor Emeritus of Feminist Formations, and she serves on the advisory/editorial boards for QED: A Journal of GLBTQ Worldmaking, Feminist Formations, the Primavera Foundation, and the Tucson Youth Poetry Slam, a project of Spoken Futures.

Adela’s photography has appeared in Versal Journal; Edible Baja Magazine; TRIVIA journal; Proximities; Terrain; Kairos; Community Literacy Journal; and the Rasp and the Wine. It has been exhibited across the U.S.

Adela C. Licona, Associate Professor Emeritus of English, outgoing Vice Chair of the Social, Cultural, and Critical Theory graduate minor, and affiliated faculty in Gender and Women’s Studies, Institute for LGBT Studies, Institute of the Environment, and Mexican American Studies at the University of Arizona and incoming Interim Executive Director of BorderLinks.

Contact: aclicona @ email DOT arizona DOT edu


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Dissertations Directed

Elizabeth Bentley, co-directing, ongoing, “Speculative Cohabitations: Israel/Palestine,” (Working Title). AAUW Dissertation Award.

Alejandra I. Ramirez, co-directing, ongoing, “Mundos, Murallas, Murales: Muralism and the Global Border Industrial Complex,” (Working Title). Tinker Fellowship.

Anushka M.S. Peres, ongoing, “Eco-Visual Rhetorics and Settler Colonial Landscapes,” (Working Title). Bilinski Fellowship.

Casely Coan, 2019, “Kai(e)rotic Moments: Resistance and Alternate Futures in Burlesque Performance.” Graduate College Humanities Fellowship. Member, Arousal and Precarious Labor in Burlesque: Methods, Archives, and Ethical Scholarship Research Group (American Society for Theater Research).

Sonia C. Arellano, 2017, “Quilting the Migrant Trail: Crafted Rhetorical Text(iles) and (Counter) Narratives.” SBSRI Dissertation Grant.

Devon R. Kehler, 2017, “Of Crossings and Crowds: Listenings, Voicings and Sightings of Persona-fied Subject Formations.” 

Rachael Wendler, 2015, “Community Perspectives on University-Community Partnerships: Implications for Program Assessment, Teacher Training, and Composition Pedagogy.” PEO Scholars Award.

Amy Hickman, 2015, “Re-Centering Medical Expertise with Communities: Promotoras and the Rhetorical Economy of Health.”

Ana M. Ribero, 2015, “The Rhetorics of Citizenship of Undocumented Youth: An Analysis of Shifting Notions of Citizenship in Neoliberal Contexts.” Patrick Dissertation Fellowship.

Jessica N. Lee, 2013, “Too Much Information: Agency and Disruptions of Power in Personal Narratives of Mental Illness and Suffering.”

Londie T. Martin, 2013, “The Spaciality of Queer Youth Activism: Performing Spaces of Coalition and Dis/Identification.” Patrick Dissertation Fellowship.

Jenna Vinson, 2013, “Teenage Mothers as Rhetors and Rhetoric: An Analysis of Embodied Exigence and Constrained Agency.” Centennial Achievement Award.

Aja Martinez, 2012, “Critical Race Counterstory as Rhetorical Methodology: Chican@ Academic Experience Told Through Sophistic Argument, Allegory, and Narrative.” Centennial Achievement Award.

Marissa Juárez , 2012, “Bodily Force and Rhetorical Function in the Afro-Brazilian Art Form of Capoeira.” 1885 Dissertation Fellowship Award.

Amanda Wray, 2011, “Lived Histories and the Changing Rhetoric of White Identity.” Tilly Warnock Research Fellowship.

Rebecca R. Richards, 2011, “Women World Leaders, Iron Ladies, and Daughters of Destiny: A Transnational Study of Women’s Rhetorical Performances of Power.” 1885 Dissertation Fellowship Award.

Aretha Matt, 2011, “Reclamation and Survivance: Diné Rhetorics and the Practice of Rhetorical Sovereignty.” Centennial Achievement Award.



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