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I am an Associate Professor of English and Vice Chair of the Social, Cultural, and Critical Theory graduate minor, and affiliated faculty in Gender and Women’s Studies, Institute for LGBT Studies, Institute of the Environment, and Mexican American Studies at the University of Arizona.


For more about my scholarship, go to: https://adelaclicona.com/academia/

In addition to learning about my scholarship, I invite you to take yourself through any and all pages of this still-emerging site to also learn more about my collaborations, photography, art, and activism.

As a scholar of rhetoric, I study and write about power and persuasion. I am inspired by women of color feminisms and QTPOC critique, performance, and poetry. I am committed to feminist collaboration and to the practices and possibilities of coalition. I am drawn to the visual and what it offers in both its presence and absence and am passionate about the exploration of both the image and what I call the non-image, especially as these relate to the given-to-be-seen.

My photography captures surface and depth and often explores interstices, propinquities, blurred boundaries, & bent light. I study facets, textures, colors, patterns, & forms at times to document and at times to interrogate the mundane. I approach my object photography as well as my eco-scapes, arte urbano/city-scapes, and body-scapes as “assemblages of stories so far.” Through a developed intensity in focus, my photographs explore relational proximities and thereby invite deeper inspections of the everyday.  I am inspired by photographers and scholars who invite us to feel photography or to experience the sound of an image.

As scholar, teacher, photographer, artist, and public rhetor, I am interested in provoking & participating in new ways of seeing & looking — reorientations, meaningful distortions, & re/visionings that are informed by — and might also inform — radical re/imaginings of being, belonging, and relating to one another, to everyday objects and everyday-scapes, to histories & bodies, to places & practices, and to the earth.

I am concerned for non/humans and pursue social and climate justice. I believe we are living under a regime of distortion and must, together, cultivate and practice new knowledges, including new ways of looking, seeing, feeling, perceiving, co-habitating, and being – together – in the pursuit and service of a broad justice.

Contact: aclicona @ email DOT arizona DOT edu



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